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Metal Vessels

Our Metal vessels are handmade in India from either solid (not plated) brass, copper or stainless steel and each metal has its’ own unique way of burning. At MSOI, we have spent countless hours reviewing the burn characteristics of the metal vessels. Each vessel will display different burn characteristics and times, with all the different fragrances, making for countless variations.
Over time we have been able to size the best cotton wicks (which are Lead and Zinc Free), along with some of the best fragrances available in Australia together with eco-friendly, biodegradable soy wax which is free from pesticides, herbicides and contains no petroleum (paraffin wax) and produced a candle that burns well and gives off the right amount of scent, not too strong, not too weak.
PLEASE NOTE: Discoloration (patina) may occur due to the natural reaction of some scents with the metal itself. This is not a fault with the soy wax or metal vessel and will not affect the burn time of your candle, as long as you follow the candle care instructions.